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【100 yen OFF】Aso Cuddly Dominion
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Adults (10th grade and up): 2,400 JPY ⇒ 2,300 JPY
Children (1st to 9th graders): 1,300 JPY ⇒ 1,200 JPY
Toddlers (age 3 to 6) 700 JPY ⇒ 600 JPY

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Aso Cuddly Dominion, the animal petting kingdom. You can touch with a variety of animals in the seven areas of the park.
Or a spear snack in various bear's world, or Furea' with the Cubs, doggy and Nyankoto play in a relaxed manner of the world, playing with rare animal binturong, other to also enjoy a variety of interaction with a lot of animals . More staff to the animals in the petting facility will support the contact with animals. Please call feel free to voice.
( Rank in popular facilities)

There are cases where business hours and will be changed. Please refer to the website by all means.

  • TEL:
    ※ business hours and business days, animal exhibitions, because there are times when you want to change the time and content of the event, such as a show, prior to please the next garden on the confirmation.
    10:00 am to 4:30 pm

    usually open until November 30 (Wed),2016

    December 1(Thurs.),2016 to December 22(Thurs.),2016→ Weekends & National Holidays

    December 23 (national holiday) ,2017 to January 9 (national holiday), 2017 ⇒ normal business day

    1月10日(火)~3月3日(金) ⇒ 土・日のみ営業
    January 10 (Tues.) ,2017 to March 3 (Fri.),2017 ⇒ Weekends & National Holidays

    March 4 (Sat.) ~ ⇒ Normal business day
  • Website:
    Adult (more than high school student) 2,400 yen
    Children (elementary and junior high school students) 1,300 yen
    Infants (more than 3 years old) 700 yen
    Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture Kurokawa 2163