Please check the description of the coupon below, please use it.
Depending on the facilities you use, printing is necessary.

Blanche Takayama ski resort
Expiration date

[WAN PA-KU, entrance fee 500 yen discount]


■ When using a cell phone and smart phone, please download the⇒ use day from a cell phone and smart phone and show a coupon screen by the desk.
■ When using a PC, please print after download from the⇒ use day "of this coupon, GET" and submit it to a desk.

[WAN PA-KU, entrance fee 500 yen discount]
Entrance fee adult: 1000 yen-> of 500 yen
An infant: 1000 yen (with lift common pass)

※ close: April 2, 2017 (There is change by the snow situation.)
※ The expiration date: January 6, 2017-April 2, 2017 (It's restrictive in the period and effective.)

* With other discount tickets, it's impossible to be in use.
* Please submit it in front of the cashier. (The use behind the cashier is bad.)
* Even 5 people are effective about 1 coupon.




Check the details

Blanche Takayama ski area is the "a skier, major" slope.
(H.I.S. Coupon popular rank inn facilities)

There are cases where business hours and will be changed. Please refer to the website by all means.

  • TEL:
    OPEN / <Weekday> 8: 30 <the weekend shuku and December 29-January 3>, 8:00.
    CLOSE / 16:30

    The lift business hours

    8:30-16:30 (only the part,-16:15)
    The weekend festival
    8:00-16:30 (Only the 1st pair lift quad lift. For other lifts, 8:30-, I'll run it.)
    ※ Issue time of the lift ticket is from 10 minutes before in the lift business opening time.
  • Website:
    The lift charge

    A day ticket: 4 for an adult 200 yen 2 for a schoolchild 600 yen 3 for a senior 300 yen Gold 2 800 yen Infant 1 000 yen.
    A two-day pass: 7 for an adult 400 yen 4 for a schoolchild 200 yen 5 for a senior 800 yen Gold 5 000 yen Infant 1 800 yen.
    A half day ticket: 3 for an adult 300 yen 2 for a schoolchild 200 yen 2 for a senior 500 yen Gold 2 200 yen Infant 1 000 yen.
    386-0601 Chiisagata-gun, Nagano Nagawacho Omon Takayama 3652