Please check the description of the coupon below, please use it.
Depending on the facilities you use, printing is necessary.

Karuizawa Sugadaira
Shinshu Sugadaira Kogen PINE BEAK Ski Area
Expiration date

★ Rental ski snowboard 5 000 yen-> 2 500 yen A★ smile lift ticket of 0 yen.

★レンタルスキー・スノボ+リフト1日券 大人12,200円 → 5,000円 ★

■ When using a cell phone and smart phone, the use day download⇒ from a cell phone and smart phone, and please show a coupon screen at the desk in case of lift ticket purchase.
■ When using a PC, please print⇒ after download from the use day "of this coupon, GET" and submit it to a desk in case of lift ticket purchase.

(1)★ The rental ski snowboard half price (The weekday and the weekend holiday are also OK.),★.
Usual 5 000 yen-> The coupon price 2 500 yen.
※ A target Adult child.
※ Ski Only a snowboard set. A wear isn't included.
Validity December 3, 2016-,-, April 2, 2017.

(2)★ Smile lift ticket (the 6th lift limitation) 0 yen★
Usual 1 500 yen-> 0 yen!
※ Only the person who can prove the condition and 19 years old.
※ It's possible to upgrade (2000 yen) in order also to use other lifts in the site.
Validity December 3, 2016-March 30, 2017.

* With other discount tickets, it's impossible to be in use.
* Please submit it in front of the cashier (The use behind the cashier is bad.)
* Even 5 people are effective about 1 coupon.

大人:通常 12,200円 → クーポン価格 5,000円
子供:通常 9,200円 → クーポン価格 4,000円
※有効期間 2017年12月16日~~2018年4月1日


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( Rank in popular facilities)

There are cases where business hours and will be changed. Please refer to the website by all means.

  • TEL:
  • Website:
    It takes approximately 30 minutes by car from Uedasugadaira IC
    One day lift ticket
    Adult: 4,100 yen
    Kids: 1,000 yen
    Child: 2,600 yen
    Senior・Junior high school: 3,100 yen
  • Credit card:
    386-2204 Sugadairakogen 1223-3433
    Ueda, Nagano
    386-2204 Japan