Please check the description of the coupon below, please use it.
Depending on the facilities you use, printing is necessary.

Nagano Hokushin State
Madarao Ski Resort
Expiration date

Lift ticket + meal ticket


■In the case of the carrying, smartphone use, I download it from carrying, a smartphone on the ⇒ use day, and, please show a coupon screen at a window.
■In the case of the PC use, I print "this coupon after downloading from getting" the ⇒ use day, and, please submit it to a window.

Lift ticket + meal ticket (a daily ticket:) A 1,000 yen equivalency /2 day ticket: 2,000 yen equivalency) adult
Daily ticket 5,500 yen → 4,600 yen
2nd ticket 10,100 yen → 8,200 yen

Junior and senior high school students, a senior: It is ticket 9,100 yen → 7,400 yen 55 years old or older for daily ticket 5,000 yen → 4,200 yen two days
※Expiration date: From December 17, 2016 to April 2, 2017
※It is available only for validity.

*It is impossible of combination with other discount coupon
*I would like presentation before accounts. (as for the use after accounts, impossible)
*It is effective to five people per one piece of coupon

1日券 5,500円→4,600円
2日券 10,100円→8,200円

1日券 5,000円→4,200円
2日券 9,100円→7,400円


Check the details

(H.I.S. coupon popularity joining the ranks facilities)

There are cases where business hours and will be changed. Please refer to the website by all means.

  • TEL:
    Weekdays 8:30 to 17:00
    Weekends and Holidays 8:30 to 17:00
  • Website:
    Kanetsu Expressway Nerima IC→Fujioka JCT→Joushinetsu Expressway→Toyotaiiyama IC→Route117→Madarao Kogen Ski Resort(3hr30min)
    389-2257 Madaraokogen
    Iiyama, Nagano
    389-2257 Japan