Please check the description of the coupon below, please use it.
Depending on the facilities you use, printing is necessary.

Shiga Kogen and North Shiga
【MAX 100 yen OFF】Ryuoo Ski Park
Expiration date

A ropeway round trip ride at most 100 yen discount

大人100円引き 窓口2300円→2200円

It's open on May 28!

■ When using a cell phone and smart phone, please download the⇒ use day from a cell phone and smart phone and show a coupon screen by the desk.
■ When using a PC, please print after download from the⇒ use day "of this coupon, GET" and submit it to a desk.

[The world maximum 166 seater ropeway At most 100 yen benefiting!]

An adult 2 000 yen-> 1 900 yen (I'll discount by 100 yen.)
A child 1 000 yen-> of 950 yen (I'll discount by 50 yen.)

The expiration date Saturday, May 28, 2016-Sunday, November 6, 2016.
※ Please see a HP business calendar for more information.

* With other discount tickets, it's impossible to be in use.
* Please submit it in front of the cashier. (The use behind the cashier is bad.)
* Even 5 people are effective about 1 coupon.

【世界最大級166人乗りロープウェイ 最大100円お得!】
竜王マウンテンパーク 雲海の絶景を見に行こう|日本の絶景!

●大人料金2300円→2200円 100円引き
●小人料金1200円→1150円 50円引き


             7/15, 8/12~8/17, 9/16, 9/23, 10/7



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There are cases where business hours and will be changed. Please refer to the website by all means.