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Ski area to my niece Popular No.1
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★Weekday★1,000 yen OFF ※sample page

平日1000円割引 休日500円割引

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Lift ticket(Adult)→4,500 yen
※Adult: 18~54 years old(excluding students in high school )

●Sales period(12/23~3/19)
Weekday⇒4,500 yen!!(Lift ticket:4,500 yen + Meal ticket :1,000 yen)
Weekend⇒5,000 yen!!(Lift ticket:4,500 yen + Meal ticket :1,000 yen)

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大人リフト券(4500円)+食事券(1000円) ⇒ 4500円(税込)
大人リフト券(4500円)+食事券(1000円) ⇒ 5000円(税込)


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α 5000! by which the biggest charm in the ski area to my niece is course full length 5 000m by far the most Main Street in a ski area to my niece who even makes the expert a captive from a beginner. 8 times of biggest degree of tilt 15 time average degree of tilt. An altitude in the top is about 1 600m. It's apparent for the exhilarating feeling which slips quickly from the mountain top where you can look at the grand landscape and gets off to become a habit!
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There are cases where business hours and will be changed. Please refer to the website by all means.

  • TEL:
    December 10, 2016-April 9, 2017
    Weekday 8:00-16:30 Holiday 7:30-16:30
    Restaurant :10:00-15:00 of business hours
    ※ It'll be a MORIKKO campsite in May-in October. I'm also waiting for the summer holidays.
  • Website:
    Meishin-expressway Ichinomiya JCT⇒ Toukaihokurikujidoushadou and Gujo-Hachiman IC getting off Route 472 of national highway, to a mountain district, about 40 minutes
    ● Lift ticket
    An adult lift ticket of 4500 yen
    A dwarf lift ticket of 2500 yen
    The adult target age: A high school student (is removed) less than 54 years old more than 18 years old.
    A lift ticket (IC card) will keep security at 500 yen.
    ● Rental
    An adult rental ski set board set of 4500 yen
    A dwarf rental ski set board set of 3500 yen
    3447-1 on Gujo-shi, Gifu Meiho Okusumi Mizusawa