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Izu East
【400 yen OFF】Izu cactus Park
Expiration date

大人(中学生以上)2,300円→2,000円 ※0枚になり次第終了

■Cell phone and smartphone users ⇒ Download your coupon from your cell phone or smartphone on the day of use, and show the mobile coupon at the counter.
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【Limited to 30 set a day】
★ Adult 400 yen discount, elementary school students 200 yen discount and infants 100 yen discount ★
Adults (over junior high school students) 2,300 yen → 1,900 yen
Elementary school students 1,100 yen → 900 yen
Infant (over 4 years) 400 yen→ 300 yen

*This offer is not valid with any other offer.
*Present this coupon at the time of payment, or it will be invalid.
*This coupon is good for up to five persons.



 大人(中学生以上) 2,300円→2,000円
 小学生       1,100円→ 900円
 幼児(4歳以上)   400円→ 300円


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