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Izu East
【200 yen OFF】Izu Guranparu park
Expiration date

200 yen OFF※Print limited

大人(中学生以上)1,200円→1,000円 ※0枚になり次第終了※印刷限定

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■ valid only download available on the day. (Late at night can be downloaded from 0:00)

★1 day 30 set limit! ★
Adults (more than junior high student) 1,200 yen → 1,000 yen
Elementary school students 600 yen → 500 yen
Young children (4 years of age) 400 yen → 300 yen

*This offer is not valid with any other offer.
*Present this coupon at the time of payment, or it will be invalid.
*This coupon is good for up to five persons.




 大人(中学生以上) 1,200円→1,000円
 小学生        600円→ 500円
 幼児(4歳以上)   400円→ 300円


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