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Grove aquarium of Sendai pus
Expiration date

[Sample indication] at most 210 yen discount★ 2 for an adult 100 yen-> 1 890 yen.※Print limited

最大210円割引★大人2,100円 → 1,890円※印刷限定

■ By a PC, H.I.S. Please submit the coupon printed after coupon acquisition at the desk. (It's impossible to show a cell phone and a coupon screen of smart phone.)
■ Even a cell phone can acquire a coupon from QR Code, but it's invalid. The PC screen presentation of smart phone is also invalid. Please be careful.

[Entrance fee at most 210 yen discount]
An adult 2 100 yen-> 1 890 yen.
Junior high school and high school student 1 600 yen-> 1 440 yen.
A schoolchild 1 100 yen-> 990 yen.
An infant of 600 yen-> 540 yen
A senior 1 600 yen-> 1 440 yen.
Validity: April 1, 2017-September 30, 2017
※ This H.I.S. Only a discount application period is effective for a coupon.
Please have it in an aquarium ticket desk by September 30, 2017.

* With other discount tickets, it's impossible to be in use.
* Please submit it in front of the cashier. (The use behind the cashier is bad.)
* Even 1 person is effective about 1 coupon.

大人     2,100円 → 1,890円
中学・高校生 1,600円 → 1,440円
小学生    1,100円 → 990円
幼児      600円 → 540円
シニア    1,600円 → 1,440円



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The purulent grove where the life flashes. sendaiuminomorisuizokukanha、oomizusouyakawanosuisouwohajime、uminodoubutsutachiniyorutouhokusaidaikyuunopafomansuya、penginyaashikanadotonofureainado、yutakananipponnouminomiryokuwo、mite.sawatte.kanjirukotogadekimasu。
(H.I.S. Coupon popular rank inn facilities)

There are cases where business hours and will be changed. Please refer to the website by all means.

  • TEL:
    Usual period
    9:00-18:30 (before 30 minutes when the last entry is closure)
    ※ There is a fluctuation in the business hours by a season.
  • Website:
    Adult (more than 18 years old) 2 100 yen.
    Junior and senior high school student (12-18 years old) 1 600 yen.
    Schoolchild (6-12 years old) 1 100 yen.
    Infant 4-non-study child) of 600 yen
    Senior (more than 65 years old) 1 600 yen.
    ※ The customer who has person with disabilities pocket diaries, mentally disturbed person preservation of health welfare pocket diaries and ryouiku pocket diaries, etc. has a discount.
    ※ But, the use of a discount is bad.
    983-0013 4-Chome, Nakano, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi, 6th area